Large Installation at Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank Xinhe


Coordinated by DEM inc., the large-scale artwork installation was placed at the headquarter of Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank at Xinhe building. Combined with big data technology, it recreated the original ecology, the landscape of species, and the presentation of Eastern shan shui painting mixing with Western watercolor. The content was based on farming eight terms in accordance with the operation of the Five Elements. Different terms corresponded to different species and showing various sceneries made the wall and columns a beautiful, moveable landscape.

Video provided by DEM inc. | Project Coordination: DEM inc. | 3D Animation: Fig Creative Studio| Setting Design: Chung, Nien-En | Scenic Design and Production: Wang Po-Yu, Wu Yi-Cheng, Chen Chia-Fang, Hsiao Shao-Ting, Hsiao Wei-Ting, Hsieh Kuo-Yang, Chung Nien-En | Special Effect Engineering: Wang Po-Yu, Wu Ke-Chun, Hsiao Shao-Ting, Hsiao Wei-Ting | System Engineering: Chen Chiung-Ting, Huang Wei-Chin | Hardware Engineering: Chen Hsien-Ching