MapleStory M Touring Coffee Truck

Taipei / Taichung / Kaohsiung /

Released since 2005, the classic icon of the game rooted in everyone’s heart like a mushroom seed accompanying countless people grew up. MapleStory the M interactive coffee truck delivered warm “Maple” memory by placing LED screen with webcam and real-time AR on the truck touring around the country. Customers queued up buying coffee while familiar characters from the game tried to cut the line from behind comically. Through the easy experience, it amused people that came for buying coffee purposely or passing by, and players of MapleStory M as well. Furthermore, there were different script settings: Yeti roaming on the street or playing volleyball on the beach, Henesys monsters’ parade, Valentine’s Day special heart shaped frame, etc., all of which fully reached the PR purpose. Moreover, the event was contagious and infused with vibrancy.

Video provided by : Offerme2 Media Limited