Lantern Fair of Technology for Taiwan's 2018 Lantern Fair Chiayi

Chiayi County

With ""the crossover of technologies"" and ""the immersing experience"" in mind, we have meticulously designed the Lantern Fair of Technology for Taiwan's 2018 Lantern Fair in Chiayi in the rectangular basement between Chiayi County Government and Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum. The fair integrates and shows the latest technologies of Industrial Technology Research Institute, technology enterprises, and Institute for Information Industry via multitudinous art pieces and light performances. We invite different teams and ask them to intertwine their creations with local elements so that the entire basement can be transformed into a walk-in installation of lantern. We hope this will bring out the passion of Chiayi County and tantalize people to come back to Chiayi to celebrate Lunar New Year and Lantern Festival.

Sacred Tree Promise Using the lighting, lasers, and the steel structure to recreate the atmosphere of tall trees tower over the forest floor. And compose the light performance with electronic music to present the “rebirth” of the sacred tree after the storm, while leading the people in the technology light area. Cooperate Team | Music workers Lin Qiang, a touch of light design and production

Time and Space Corridor Using the local color and landscapes from Chiayi County as material, the design concept of LED lighting inside and outside the corridor is to create a ceremony inviting people to enter the “past, present, and future” of Chiayi County. The structure was made of steel-based and allowed the light to shine perfectly. Cooperate Team | Atelier Neo.E X Fengjia Construction Real X Tainan University of Arts

Crystal Rice Ear Symbolizing the beauty of the rice ears in the Chianan Plain, the LED lights are glittering gleams with the wind, and the LED color changes the surrounding to tranquil atmosphere. Presenting the fertile image of natural harmony in Chiayi County. Cooperate Team | Artist Shih Wei-Chieh

The Light of Chiayi Transform the image of sunrise, the design of black iron pipes and lights, inspired by the Logo of the ITRI, symbolizes Taiwan’s high-tech innovation and R&D capabilities. The dynamic design showed the bright future in different industries in Taiwan and gave a prosperous image of the prelude to the technology light area. Cooperate Team | FabCraft Design Lab

Wind and Alishan Impression Creating the space formed by the plastic plate material and changing of the regular height curve to create a flow space, presenting the breeze in the mountain forest, with the ""digital reality"" construction method. The plastic sculpture combined with the wood. The symbiotic impression of Alishan will allow visitors enjoy the structure that can be walked in. Cooperate Team | Atelier Neo.E X Fengjia Architecture Actual X Tainan University of Arts Field

Theme Park 235 Chiayi, located at 23.5 degrees North of the Equator, is our big theme park. And Theme Park 235 will make every visitor fall in love with Chiayi, no matter young or old. Inspired by Chiayi’s early-day culture, this high-tech area gives visitors a unique lantern fair experience. Cooperate Team | 23Design