DEM play


IF Plus participated in DEM PLAY planned by DEM Inc., a digital interactive theme park setting off from Mr. Balloon Bear’s adventurous fantasy, and coordinated jointly the theme of “Greenery World” and a series of interactive displays featuring “Misty Forest”, “Whale Island”, and “Living Forest”.

Greenery World Misty Forest In the serene and mysterious Misty Forest, the adorable little animals had lost their way and were hidden. Children used their magical flashlights to explore the Greenery World while helping the lost little animals in the Misty Forest by lighting up their roads and find their way back to the sweet home.

Greenery World Whale Island In order to accomplish the mission, children used their own hands and colorful tangrams to assemble and combine different foods corresponding to animals shapes. It helped the animals in the Greenery World to ride onto Omura’s whales, which were swimming around the core, traveling to different forests and starting a beautiful day.

Greenery World Living Forest Children could use their infinite imagination and creativity to color and design different patterns for their Coloring Egg cards. After “tossing” the cards into the trunk hole, they would receive their own Magic Eggs. Children could interact and play with their unique animal creations after hatching the eggs and travel joyfully in the Living Forest.