Tea Party II Four Seasons


During the Taiwan Fair held in springtime, it is hoped that the Fair can baptize the public with new and unprecedented cultural exhibitions. By presenting culture from a new perspective, the Fair aspires to reveal the best parts of the Chinese lifestyle to the world. Tea Party joined forces with the Fair to produce a cultural and musical tea and wine party. “Multimedia and Interactivity” was the theme 2015’s Tea Party 2, a performance which crossed media and domains. When you mix the slow contemplative culture of Eastern tea with the fast-paced dazzle of Western cocktail-making, and mix the local atmosphere, and mix tea and electronic music, and mix the feeling of the space, while drifting like a nomad on the Four Seasons’ float and enjoying the movement of the visuals, rhythms and tea, the projection follows your smartphone’s screen to display flying tea blossoms, with the hope that those attendees would immerse themselves in this new world during that short 40-minute break. iF DESIGN AWARD 2016、2015 DFA Design for Asia Awards - Culture Award