TTXC Marine Traffic of Future Kaohsiung


Culture X Technology X Port of Kaohsiung

You might know that Port of Kaohsiung is Taiwan's largest port, but did you know that besides goods, it's also a gateway for Taiwan's culture and technology? In 2023, the "TTXC Taiwan Technology X Culture Expo," jointly created by the Ministry of Culture Taiwan, Kaohsiung City Government, and Ministry of Digital Affairs, landed in Kaohsiung. During the 14-day exhibition, IF Plus orchestrated the "TTXC Marine Traffic of Future Kaohsiung" interactive exhibition. By integrating and applying two major technologies, the Automatic Identification System (AIS) and Dome Screen Projection, the event invited the public to engage in interactive experiences, understand Kaohsiung's impressive maritime industry development, and see the global shipping new perspective of "Culture X Technology X Kaohsiung.”

"If The Exhibition Hall Were a Large Ship, Then the Containers Would Be Like Treasure Chests Filled with Aspirations."

To effectively convey the exclusive glory and prospects of Kaohsiung's great port, we view containers as treasure chests carrying people's future visions. Drawing inspiration from this, we integrate the actual shipping process with LINE interactive interfaces. We elevate the visitor check-in and session reservation process into an interactive experience of "Shipping Future Prospects," allowing the immersive experience of "TTXC Marine Traffic of Future Kaohsiung" to begin even before entering the venue.

Upon entry, participants are guided through scanning interactions and audio-visual performances along the container aisles. In the "12-meter Dome Screen Projection" area, visitors experience a spectacular immersive journey. Featuring six main themes, including "Real-time Shipping Map, Economic Flow Lines, Mindset Revolution, Technology Accelerator, Augmented Panorama, and Port of Lights," attendees who signed the future shipping manifest upon entry will see their signatures appear alongside the "Real-time Shipping Map" on the giant screen, fostering a renewed understanding of Kaohsiung Port while feeling personally connected to its prosperity.

From Maritime Navigation to Space Mapping

"Maritime Traffic" is one of the world's most massive databases. If you were to map out all the routes, the entire globe would be densely packed. In this exhibition, IF Plus not only bridges across the vast database of the Automatic Identification System (AIS), extracting data related to the Port of Kaohsiung from this globally inclusive real-time maritime data, but also integrates NASA's space mapping data across boundaries. This curated approach breaks conventional thinking by intertwining data from the ocean and space to create a real-time global version of Earth. By combining interactive technology with dome screen projection, every visitor to the exhibition can personally experience the connectivity of Kaohsiung to the world.

Dome Screen Projection for Exhibition

Although Taiwan boasts globally acclaimed dome screen projection technology, due to the immense size of the domes, they are challenging to move and maintain. Consequently, this source of Taiwanese pride is mostly confined to theme parks and is rarely seen at short-term trade shows. For the "TTXC Marine Traffic of Future Kaohsiung," IF Plus partnered with Taiwan's top dome screen team, Unigin, to bring this rare sight to Kaohsiung's exhibition. This collaboration not only showcases the future prospects of the Port of Kaohsiung to the public but also shines a light on Taiwan's expertise behind the scenes.

Audience Feedback

# I'm deeply moved. I never realized I'm part of this great maritime journey!
# That projection was incredible, truly mind-blowing!
# When I saw my name, I was pleasantly surprised.


TTXC's work "Marine Traffic of Future Kaohsiung" offers an immersive experience with its 360-degree panoramic Dome Screen Projection.

Host|Ministry of Culture Taiwan, Ministry of Shameless Lai Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government
Organizer|Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government
Creative Team|IF Plus
Hardware Team|Unigin Co., Inc.
Exhibition Curation|Poyu Wang, Jet Zhou
Visual Coordination|Ernie Chen
Execution Coordination|Bonnie Dong
Curation Planning|Kiki Huang
Interactive System Integration|Sensingln
Image Correction|Sensingln, Unigin Co., Inc.
Visual Design|Light Vortex
Dynamic image design|Light Vortex
Programming and Development Design|Poyu Wang, Pocky Lin
Real-time Shipping Video Design|Poyu Wang, Json Lin, Vince Lee
Registration System Development|Arthur Pai
UI Design|Jou-hua Hsiang, Vince Lee
Main Visual Design|Light Vortex
Expanded Visual Design|Vince Lee
Music Design|KaKong, Ruby Fatale, Ruei Lu