Sanzhi Festival - Journey Through Mountains, Seas, and Rivers

New Taipei City

Exploring Sanzhi with Baosheng Dadi

Sanzhi, with its exclusive geographical location and surrounded by mountains and forests, not only holds precious primitive treasures of mountains, seas, and rivers, but also boasts unique local customs. With the rhythm of arrow bamboo shoots popping up at dawn, the rhythmic beat of washing clothes in the laundry spot, and the steadfast belief in the Baosheng Dadi even without temples, along with the annual cultural festivals held in rotation at nine villages. These elements, along with the pure and simple daily life that permeates Sanzhi like a flowing stream, truly captivate one's heart and make this small town beloved for its local characteristics.

In the "Sanzhi Festival - Journey Through Mountains, Seas, and Rivers" project, not only did we use digital technology and interactive marketing strategies through the "LINE Official Account (LINE OA)" to create an integrated information and user interaction platform for Sanzhi, but we also deeply integrated the local belief in the "Baosheng Dadi" and his unique "journeying deity" imagery. We designed a Sanzhi-exclusive "virtual guide" that accompanies every visitor from "listening to the sea and looking at the mountains" to "watching people wash clothes," allowing them to savor the carefully planned "mountain," "sea," and "river" routes created by the local revitalization team. Even if you're not sure where to go, this LINE OA can help you make decisions, navigate destinations, and provide god-level guided tours across day and night and seasons, accompanying you at your preferred pace to discover the beauty of Sanzhi.

If you want to dive deeper into the local flavors of Sanzhi, then join us for a banquet feast! The "Sanzhi Festival - Journey Through Mountains, Seas, and Rivers" invites renowned chef Lin Ming-tsan to collaborate in creating an exclusive banquet carnival in Sanzhi. This event, blending new media technology, performing arts, and Taiwan's banquet culture, not only illuminates the night sky of this forested town but also illuminates the impression of Sanzhi for every traveler.

Technology Brings More Possibilities for Regional Revitalization

The challenges faced in regional revitalization vary, but constraints such as time conflicts, a lack of manpower, geographical barriers, and a lack of real-time feedback are endless hurdles that every team encounters when deeply involved in local development. In the "Sanzhi Festival - Journey Through Mountains, Seas, and Rivers" event, we not only integrate rich local elements into content strategy, event planning, and aesthetic design to create the most authentic visual identity for the project in Sanzhi but also combine local arts, music, cuisine, and performance energy to curate immersive experiences for visitors. This allows every newcomer to Sanzhi to fully experience its beauty through sight, sound, and taste.

With the comprehensive planning of LINE OA, we have successfully provided a technological solution that encompasses the entire consumer journey, including publicity outreach, content exhibition, interactive data, and performance metrics, thereby offering accurate and valuable data statistics for the future of Sanzhi. In the "Sanzhi Festival - Journey Through Mountains, Seas, and Rivers," we have realized the mutual benefits of technology and locality through action, simplifying challenges with the team and achieving a milestone in "Technology Interaction x Regional Revitalization."

Audience Feedback

#Exploring the local area has become so easy and straightforward with attractions, navigation, and guided tours all in one.
#The design of Baosheng Dadi is super cute, can it really not become a mascot?
#Will there be more events in the future? I really want to keep participating! ><


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