The Black Box “Our Blue Planet in Fantasy”


5G Science Art Immersive Theater

In 1977, the renowned astronomer Carl Sagan remarked upon seeing the first-ever photograph of Earth taken by Voyager 1, known as the "Pale Blue Dot," and said, "Look again at that dot. That's here. That's home. That's us." This statement not only conveys the awe of humanity's first glimpse of Earth in its entirety but also encapsulates humanity's eternal wish to cherish the planet. In 2023, iF Plus, carrying Carl Sagan's sentiments towards Earth, tailored a brand-new interactive theater piece titled "Our Blue Planet in Fantasy" for the National Taiwan Science Education Center's "The Black Box Theater." It marks Taiwan's inaugural fusion of 64.6-channel surround sound with 10K imagery in an experiential theater setting.

"Our Blue Planet in Fantasy" is a collaborative art piece with NEON · GALAXY, inspired by the Earth photo "Pale Blue Dot" taken from Voyager 1. It extends the theme of the Biodiversity Permanent Exhibition at the National Taiwan Science Education Center and was jointly developed by iF Plus and NEON · GALAXY, overseeing aspects such as concept development, script and scene design, artistic character development, experience flow, and interactive technology integration to execution. We use infrared detection and optical radar sensing to immerse the audience not only in the universe but also to trigger various fantastic scenes and digital interactions. People only need to step on the corresponding dots, move to certain positions, or follow the instructions to draw geometric shapes like triangles, circles, rectangles, diamonds, etc., to create fantastic creatures that combine user characteristics. Moreover, the more participants, the more wonders that can be added to this blue planet.

Combining real-time sensing in three-dimensional space, algorithmic interactions, and spatial utilization, we showcase the perfect performance of 10K high-resolution imagery and 64-channel speakers. This aims to provide the audience with a realistic experience, as if the animals are right behind them, bringing about a feeling of being in the midst of reality.

More about "Our Blue Planet in Fantasy”

5G Science Art Immersive Theater

As 5G, AI, cloud computing, and other technologies mature, the concept of the "Tactile Internet" has evolved from IoT. This time, "Our Blue Planet in Fantasy" is a "5G Science Art Immersive Theater" that combines cross-technology and digital applications. Through network transmission and 5G technology, the audience can experience a more immediate and realistic interactive environment. Combining artistic creation, it further leads the audience to explore and feel the “Pale Blue Dot” where we live.

The Interactive Experience Design of “Our Blue Planet in Fantasy”

The work is themed around the element of "dots," showcasing the life processes of myriad creatures through various transformations of the "circle." Audience members can experience the diversity of life on Earth through observation and listening. A deeper exploration of the piece reveals a shift in scale from the "microscopic to the macroscopic," uncovering the rhythm of life and growth of all things.
Part One - Prelude Interaction "Sounds of Life: Awaken the Creatures of Nature Together!" focuses on "hearing," presenting the sounds of nature. Through immersive scenes combined with interactive elements, audiences can hear a rich variety of animal sounds.
Part Two - Interactive Experience "Patterns of Life: Unleash Your Imagination! Explore the Myriad Forms of Life" emphasizes "vision," showcasing the forms of living beings. Using underwater, land, and aerial themes as scene elements, the design further encourages audiences to "imagine and explore" the rich forms of life.

Audience Feedback

#I enjoyed the immersive design and the creation of species; the sound design was also very rich.
#The visuals are stunning, and the sound effects for the creatures are fantastic. I didn't want to leave once I entered this place.
#The entire interactive experience was fun and immersive, perfectly matching the theme.

Organizer | the National Taiwan Science Education Center

Creative Team| NEON · GALAXY, iF Plus
Art Director|Orange Chen
Strategic Director|Jet Zhou
Project Management|Rita Yeh
Dynamic image design|NEON · GALAXY
Visual Design|NEON · GALAXY
Program Design|Poyu Wang
Sensing Technology Development|Sensingln
Music Design|Daniel Cheng
Motion Photography|sunghanimage