2023 Romantic Route 3 “Falabidbog”


Taiwan's Largest LINE OA Operation Program

Romantic Route 3 “Falabidbog” is an event initiated by the Hakka Affairs Council, spanning the five major counties and cities of northern Taiwan, with a distance of up to 150 kilometers, known as the "Hakka X Art Road Trip." It not only invites over 50 domestic and international artists and 21 design teams, creating over 90 art pieces and hosting more than 100 cultural exploration activities, but also collaborates with 45 local restaurants. Inviting people to explore the Hakka culture in 17 towns and cities along the Provincial Highway 3 and 60 classic roads, this is an absolutely unmissable large-scale art season in Taiwan.

In this Romantic Route 3, we not only provide a comprehensive LINE OA (LINE Official Account) operation strategy, creating a LINE official account that efficiently manages activities for the organizers, but also utilize LINE Beacon (Bluetooth transmitters) for real-time data integration and information integration, establishing the largest coverage of LINE OA operation records in Taiwan. This successfully bridges the gap between organizers and audiences in terms of information transmission. In addition to integrating navigation information for all locations through LINE OA, turn the event's LINE OA into a pocket guide, allowing people to explore each exhibition area at their own pace while enjoying personalized travel postcards for a deeper interactive experience. Various transportation resources are also integrated into the Romantic Route 3's LINE OA, allowing users to easily access shuttle bus real-time seat availability, self-driving navigation, and exhibition area maps—all through LINE. This eliminates the need to switch between different apps, significantly increasing people's willingness to participate. Not only does it encourage people to overcome transportation difficulties and take the first step towards attending the Romantic Route 3, but it also allows them to enjoy a personalized and pleasant experience during the exhibition.

Audience Feedback

#Visiting the Romantic Route 3 has become more convenient, filled with surprises, and tailored to my needs.
#This LINE OA design is really convenient; I've visited more than three times already.
#After completing the journey, you can also receive experience record cards. I didn't realize I had been to so many places!

The distance explored by the public (79,496 kilometers) can circle the earth twice.

Organizer|Hakka Affairs Council, Taoyuan City Government, Hsinchu County Government, Miaoli County Government, Taichung City Government
Lead Team|Hakka Public Communication Foundation, Left Brain
Creative Team|IF Plus
Art Director|Poyu Wang
Strategic Director|Jet Zhou
Execution Coordination|Anis Chen, Jessy Zhuang
Visual Design|Sophia Lee
UI/UX Design|Sophia Lee, Weiwen Chen
Motion Design|Argo Heish, Kary Tai
Program Design|Weiwen Chen, Arthur Pai
LINE Beacon Hardware|Boy Lu, Weiwen Chen
Script Planner|Phoebe
Editor|Niel Lee
Music & Voice Over|KaKong