2023 Taiwan Design Expo - ○ UP


The First Event in Taiwan to Connect "LINE Data with Smart Signage System and On-site Billboards"

The Taiwan Design Expo is not only one of Taiwan's largest design exhibitions but also an annual urban event that design enthusiasts cannot miss. The 2023 Taiwan Design Expo is located in New Taipei City, with the concept of "○ UP (Circle Up)," encompassing 5 main exhibition areas, 7 satellite exhibition areas, and more, showcasing design energy in multiple locations. It also collaborated with iF+ to achieve a breakthrough milestone of "a sustainable LINE Official Account."

In this project, we successfully integrated the rich exhibition information, including "service information, transportation methods, exhibition route guidance, exhibition work inquiries, voice guide services, limited event reservations, real-time people/traffic flow information, marketing schedule push notifications, Beacon smart push notifications, emergency response messages, and more" into the LINE OA menu in a clear and systematic manner, creating a more convenient and user-friendly comprehensive information platform for the public.

Additionally, by connecting to the dynamic smart signage system, the latest exhibition news and exhibition suggestions are pushed to large information boards inside the venue, allowing people who have not yet joined LINE OA to easily access the latest event information, helping them avoid crowds, eliminate traffic pain points, and upgrade the exhibition experience.

Furthermore, we integrated local sounds of New Taipei, we have created a personalized interactive experience called "Mix Your City Album,” making this year's design expo more approachable and providing a deeper experience for the audience.

We are not only certified creative partners of LINE, but also capable of assisting organizers in planning a complete LINE OA application strategy. From user flow, UI/UX design, data integration, customized interactive creativity, to data statistics at various nodes, we can create the most effective LINE OA digital transformation strategy. Whether it's pre-event marketing and promotion, comprehensive exhibition area artwork guides (voice/text), precise crowd tracking and real-time crowd control during the event, or post-event user experience profiles and digital footprints, we can leverage our expertise in LINE OA planning and creativity to develop limitless application solutions. This helps clients efficiently and instantly manage operational matters, reduce manpower requirements, and fully utilize the advantages of LINE platform's diverse interaction and long-term relationship management, creating the highest level of stickiness and the most profound consumer experience in new community management strategies.

The Secret to Rapidly Increasing Followers on LINE OA

In addition to possessing LINE OA construction technology and comprehensive operation strategies, WhenIf also has the design ability to create exclusive LINE stickers for brands, which can create stronger stickiness and greater attraction for fan interactions.

For the 2023 Taiwan Design Expo, we specially designed the main visual "O" with the theme "Circle Up," and extended it to introduce the personified character "Circle-kun." Combining the two adorable character scenarios of "working with tired dark circles under the eyes" and "loving to take photos with various circles to view exhibitions," we launched the 2023 Taiwan Design Expo LINE official stickers. This not only brings the event closer to the public, making the design expo more approachable and likable but also creates marketing results with nearly 700,000 new fans attracted in a short period.

Audience Feedback

◦ The LINE OA is very intuitive, and the interface is beautifully designed.
◦ The guidance on the information board at the venue is very clear, allowing me to view the exhibition without being crowded.
◦ I didn't expect that the LINE for the design exhibition could also show parking information. It was very convenient.


The 2023 Taiwan Design Expo" LINE Official Account is now online. Limited edition stickers featuring "Circle-kun" are available.

Organizer|Cultural Affairs Department, New Taipei City GovernmentXTDRI
Creative Team|IF Plus
Art Director|Poyu Wang
Strategic Director|Jet Zhou
Execution Coordination|Anis Chen, Jessy Zhuang
Planning|Chi Lee
Visual Design|Sophia Lee, Niel Lee
UI/UX Design|Sophia Lee, Niel Lee, Arthur Pai
Motion Design|Argo Heish, Cheng Hsuan Dai
Music Producer|Xiao Suz
Program Design|Arthur Pai, Sensingln
LINE Beacon|Anis Chen, Jessy Zhuang
LED Engineering|Meway Vision Engineering Co., Ltd