2022 Taipei Dangdai Opening Party


VOGUE Taiwan X GQ Taiwan X Taipei Dangdai
An opening party of folk songs, electronic music and visual art
Lim Giong’s modern electronic music and Taiwan’s traditional Manzhou folk songs come together to a musical fusion that celebrates and retains the mesmerising charm of traditional folk music while producing a new mix of music style and charting a new landscape for Pingtung’s Manzhou folk music. Accompanying the music are animated interpretations of Manzhou in southern Taiwan compiled on site by four visual artists from different disciplines. Together they deliver the unique, free-spirits of Manzhou through their imageries.

Manzhou’s free spirits prevail in the space design

For the space planning, the Manzhou-specific free spirits are injected into the venue, and four pieces of 3-meter LED screens are in place to create a spatial depth and symbolize the streaming musical frequency on site. The space arrangement aims to sufficiently illustrate the interaction between music and the visual and support the music performance with all its Manzhou warmth.

Live music and animated visuals

Manzhou folk music is characteristically free in spirits, and each performance is marked with individual voices and emotions. As its melody, tempo, rhythm and ending rendition travel in the space, Manzhou’s special charm and flavors come alive. Lim Giong takes Manzhou folk music as the starting point and composes/mixes live electronic music to create a new landscape for traditional folk music. Four visual artists enrich the stage with their dynamic images to accompany the live music and treat the audience to an equally free-spirited interpretation of Manzhou landscapes.

Four visual designers from different disciplines

The designers each utilize their specialized visual vocabularies and present visual embodiments of Taiwan’s Austronesian cultural elements and Manzhou folk music.

Graphic Designer | 李翊慈 Yitzu Lee
Frame-by-frame slide show: A collage of single-color printed images on continuous playback, namely, images of traditional Taiwan totems and southern-Fujian lyrics from Manzhou folk songs, each delivering an imagery of rustic simple life in Manzhou.

Hand-Drawn Animation Designer | 劉冠汶 Kuanwen Liu
Hand-crafted animation: Featuring traditional encaustic tiles and wrought iron window grilles to deliver the warmth of Taiwan-esque totems.

Visual Effects Designer | 蕭乙珣 Yihsun Hsiao
Rendering software: These familiar rural village sights -- rice leaves, sunshine, sumer afternoon, thunderstorms, insects gliding low on the pond surface to lay eggs, and the arctiinae fluttering to the ground glass at midnight -- are blended into a modernistic impressionist painting through rendering software to illustrate Lim Giong’s avant garde electronic music.

Visual Programming Language Designer | 陳煒文 Weiwen Chen
Algorithm: Improvse and compile Taiwan’s traditional symbols into high-saturation dynamic images to present the free spirits of Manzhou through the help of algorithm.

主辦單位 Organizer
VOGUE Taiwan X GQ Taiwan X Taipei Dangdai

表演者 Performer
林強 LimGiong
屏東滿州鄉民謠協進會 Manjhou Folksongs Association

動態視覺設計、技術統籌 Motion Design / Technical Coordinator | 當若科技藝術 IF Plus
專案統籌 Project Coordinator | 李世斌 Niel Lee
藝術總監 Art Director | 王伯宇 Poyu Wang
策略總監 Strategic Director | 周杰璁 Jet Zhou
技術總監 Technical Director | 黃聖坤 Frankiy Huang
動態視覺設計師 Motion Designers | 劉冠汶 Kuanwen Liu、陳煒文 Weiwen Chen、蕭乙珣 Yihsun Hsiao、李翊慈 Yitzu Lee
硬體技術執行 Hardware Technicians | 許芳誌 Fangchi Hsu、陳力瑋 David Chen
平面攝影 Photographer | 陳又維 You Wei Chen
動態攝影 Camera Operator | 劉哲均 Liu Che Chun、郭彥澤 Kuo Yen Ze、李依璇 Bug Lee

特別感謝 Special Thanks
屏東縣滿州鄉永港國小 Young Gang Primary School

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