LINE Creativity Day


LINE Creativity Day

An interactive experience of real-time data translation

iF+ participates in the LINE Creativity Day Advertisement Creativity Forum this year. Under the theme Mutualistic Crossover and by connecting different customized applications, a whole new situational forum is built. Well-recognized terms in the advertising world are added into the experience design. Registration, food ordering, meeting keynotes, and business cards exchange are all integrated onto the LINE interface, and segmented guidance is given by labels. It is a showcase to all the creative partners attending the forum about how LINE can have diverse cross-disciplinary applications.

Personalized welcome message and segmentation

Participants are notified via email to register for the event on LINE’s Official Account (OA), and quizzes are pushed via LINE Beacon occasionally before the event. As a result, participants’ information, preferences, and interests are collected, and personalized labels are matched up based on personality analysis.

Facial recognition registration application

LINE CLOVA is used for facial recognition on the day of the event registration. A personalized welcome message including the participant’s nickname, photo, and 16 personality types based on the push quiz will be shown on the big screen after the participant is successfully admitted. Participants then soon are guided to the interactive area with three different stations: draft beer, bar, and café to enjoy the diverse interactive real-time experiences.

Interactive data statistics during event

In addition to listening to speakers sharing their various cross-disciplinary applications with LINE, participants can also be engaged in Beacon Dating, online food ordering, and group voting, etc. via LINE Chatbot at three different themed stations. Statistics are calculated in real-time and are projected onto the big screen at the forum, which enables participants to easily assimilate into the situation.

End of the event

Statistics of all the participants’ experience are counted at the end of the event and broadcast as a short video, creating endless surprises and drawing the event to a perfect end.

Field control function development

In order to facilitate the experience process and to keep the staff updated of participants’ interactive statistics, a keyword field control function is developed specifically to enhance program management and facilitation.

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