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The design concept is extended from the glass with S-shaped curvature on the external wall of TPAC, emphasizing the unpredictability of light rays refracted by the glass medium.It is sometimes clear with transparency , but sometimes filled with different colors, demonstrating the lively tone capable of reflecting oneself, yet also being unable to be controlled entirely.

AI recognition operations and UV unwrapping, as well as the recombination of lights, shadows, and materials are conducted on the photos taken or individual headshots uploaded to correspond with the unique architectural looks of the interior and the exterior of TPAC ; the image appears to reveal the exclusive form of every single individual via the surface of the waterfrom the metal texture of the card surface to the radiance of the facial silhouette, where in the end, the rotated and adjusted facial 3D prototype endows the user to produce the one and only exclusive card.

The face is allowed with all types of variations through the different choices of the angles.
The exclusive user-experience design allows TPAC membership cards with more abundance and style

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