World Tree Fountain at Longci Light Festival


iF+ was invited by Longci Light Festival: Void Mountain, Hidden Flow this year and joined as one of the creative-teams-in-residence at Huxingshan Park.

The work World Tree Fountain depicts that it is a tree growing upright with the forest from the terrain. And the scattering light formed a flowing luminous forest, which represents Longci’s rich water resources despite being covered in dry land. The spirit of this scene also resonates with our current society, which even though is suspended due to the pandemic, still possesses a lot of hidden energy. Both this energy and the abundant natural resources are waiting to burst to irrigate the land and nourish lives, echoing the core spirit of the Festival: to discuss the relationship among ourselves and the environment.

In complete darkness, the canopy layer of the tree lights up in turn, and a light beam representing the newborn spirit floated upward gradually after absorbing nourishment from the roots of the tree. Suddenly, there is a loud clap of thunder and it starts to rain, and life is able to grow after being nourished. As they grow in maturity and interconnect with each other, the light commences to form a giant ball and burst. The debris from the explosion falls into the soil and prepares for the next rebirth. The light show performs every 15 minutes and each is 6 minutes long, echoing the cycle of nature.

In addition to the scheduled performances, there are also lightning bugs created by artist Kiki Shing that are bustling in the trees. Participants can also interact with the bird houses on every side, and activate the sound and light installations simulating wind, thunder, and rain in nature through different sensory inputs, such as with blowing, shouting, and pressing. It is with hope that this forest, with the integration and intertwining of reality and virtual reality, will induce the hidden flow and become the ever-ending spring.

Special crossover performance for the opening

What’s more, iF+ designed a different lighting presentation for the crossover performance exclusively for the opening. Along with artist Chou Shu-Yi’s movements and tension and the voice from artist Yujun Wang, the lights from World Tree Fountain appears as if it is moving and dancing along and having a conversation. Lights are sparkling around, and a magical sense of time is created, bringing more surprising experiences for the audience visiting during the Christmas weekend.

- 2021-2022 Longci Light Festival ▧ 1 fable story, 6 activities, 12 groups of artists, and 14 artworks
▧ Date | Saturday, 2021/ 12/ 25 to Monday, 2022/ 2/ 28 (closed on every Tuesday except during Lunar New Year)
▧ Time | 17:30- 22:00 (last entry at 21:00)
▧ Venue | Huxingshan Park, Longci District, Tainan City

World Tree Fountain

▧ Production Team | iF+, Kiki Shing

Opening Performance

▧ Time | 19:30- 20:30, 12/ 25- 12/ 26
▧ Performer | Chou Shu-Yi, Yujun Wang
▧ Performance Planning & Executive Organizer | Artexpected
▧ Technical Team | Meway Vision Engineering 

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