Looking for the Light ‧ Making Wishes

Hsinchu City

As part of the Hsinchu City’s 2021 Thanksgiving Season series of events, Looking for the Light ˙ Making Wishes, the wishing tree is designed as 6-meter-tall with an array of 100 curved LED screens, providing interactivity through the LINE app.

With the concept of exchanging gifts and sharing wishes, the audience is invited to Hsinchu City’s Thanksgiving Season official LINE account’s menu to click on emojis they like, including: smiley face, snowflake, star, gingerbread man, bell, and heart, to send wishes to Hsinchu and to light up the Christmas tree. In return, participants will receive a special photo frame gift on LINE after the experience. This installation serves to provide a warm, fun, interesting, and festive year-end celebration vibe, and it is also the only Christmas wish tree that is interactive through LINE. (Photo resource: Harvest Ideation)

Looking for the Light, Making Wishes Interactive Christmas Season, Hsinchu City Thanksgiving Season

▧ Date | Monday, 2021/ 12/ 20 to Sunday, 2022/ 1/ 9
▧ Venue | Hsinchu Moat and Riverside 228 Garden
▧ Organizer | Hsinchu City government
▧ Executive Organizer | Harvest Ideation, iF+
▧ Sponsor | Harvatek Corporation  

Photo Credit : Harvest Ideation

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