Anarchy Cyborg Eros

Gather Town

iF+ worked as the technical team with Director Chieh-Hua Hsieh X Anarchy Dance Theatre to present a re-edition preview of Cyborg Eros. The performance was aired live, integrating Gather Town. With the boundary between reality and virtual reality getting blurry, the show was trying to discuss various topics: internet celebrities, cyborgs, AI and image recognition, and body perception. At the end of the performance, two questions were raised: “Do you believe in what you see?” and ”Where there is a ‘body’, is there a human?”. These questions, along with trying to prophetically discern the near-future state, provoke a sense of anxiety resulting from being unable to distinguish between what is real or virtual, make people rethink “what is a human being?”.

In addition to the live stream, part of the audiences can participate in the show through real-time voting or be captured on camera. The interactive experience enables two-way dialogues. Some audience members’ faces and bodies become a new part of the performers’, thus creating a new digital representation which can even control what others can see, demonstrating digital media’s power structure and dominance relationship while bringing the audience an unprecedented viewing experience.

▧ Performance Time |

19:30, Friday, 2021/ 11/ 12,
14:30, 19:30, Saturday, 2021/ 11/ 13
14:30, Sunday, 2021/ 11/ 14

※ The PCs used in the show was sponsored exclusively by #Acer for advanced interactive experience. ※