Invited by curator Yu-Chuan TSENG and Suying WENG, iF+ showcased the new work at ”2022 Taiwan International Light Festival”.

This work draws inspiration from the concept of "metaverse." Exceeding the existing physical boundaries, people are about to enter a virtual community and live in it in the form of avatars. This work constructs a stage in between reality and virtuality, which eliminates the traditional relationship among people, time, and space. Through digital approaches, an infinite mirror effect of "distant present" and "joint performance" is thus unfold in front of the National Museum of Fine Arts.

Regular Showcase During the exhibition period, the main show will be put on every and every half hour, for a 5 minute duration. ※During the main show, the real-time interaction experience will be suspended.

Date | 2021/12/25 - 2022/2/28
Curator | Yu-Chuan TSENG, Suying WENG

ONLINE media |
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