Infinity is Chinese landscape masterpiece by painter and calligraphy artist Zhang Guangbin at ninety-two years old. Depicting the majestic intertwining scenery of mountains and waterfalls, Zhang Guangbin uses his unique ‘JaoMoPaiDian Chun’ (dot-to-line ink stroke) technique to shape the landscape’s texture. The ink strokes showcase the subtle changes of density, width, and length; whereas the dot-to-line strokes carry out feibai (hollow strokes) that emphasize black-and-white, virtual-and-real, convergence-and-dispersal - delivering a special and deep artistic conception.

iF+ used technology and art to reinterpret the concepts depicted in the painting. Visual programming was used to simulate the ink strokes’ movement in real-time. Furthermore, audiences’ interactive displacement would create an experience of walking into the spirit and ideality of a “Chinese landscape painting”, creating a sensation full of rhymes and rhythms. Two workshops were held in the museum. The whole experience showed that the Chinese landscape painting, a national treasure, can co-exist with modern technology harmoniously. It was truly an exuberant and innovative artistic experience.

The Endless Enjoyment of Chinese Ink Reel Painting

In order to showcase the 17-meter-long painting, images and videos were presented on a screen showing a horizontal composition, the subtle changes of layered landscaping, and the magnificence of dense boulders within a plane surface. Through the micro-displacement kinetic installation, audiences could enjoy the painting and appreciate the artistic tension created by the ‘JaoMoPaiDian Chun’ technique.

Motion Detection of Ink Dots’ Movement

The floor of the exhibition room was black and covered with white sand. When entering the room, the audience would naturally disturb the sand and change the landscape step by step, just like ink brushstrokes. Meanwhile, it also represented the emotions artist Zhang Guangbin had when walking in the forests and mountains as a child.

Creating Dance with Ink – Chinese Landscape in Motion Workshop, and Dancing Landscape – Body Movement Workshop for Youth

Students could learn about their own bodies and explore deeper expression and tension under the progressive guidance of art. Motion detection was used to capture students’ body movements, and it became a graphical landscape in brushstrokes, reshaping the imagination between body and place.

Date | 2021/11/19 - 2022/2/28

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ARTouch | 「張光賓《江山無盡》多媒體互動展」再現焦墨筆意中的山水語境