T.A.P. Project Wonderland


To celebrate the 5th anniversary of National Taichung Theater (NTT), iF+ collaborated with the Theater on creating a whole new immersive projection mapping show using the 19-meter T.A.P. Project space built by a battery of high-power projectors from Panasonic Taiwan Corp.

Audience can visit various box-offices of time and space. By scanning the QR code with cell phones, participants can log onto NTT’s official LINE account to interact. Performance sessions are arranged based on the number of scans received, showcasing 4 finely selected artists and their works performed in the past 5 years. These crème de la crème characters are making their reappearances to celebrate the 5th anniversary with the audience.

The curved wall creates a special angle which gives the production team more possibilities to try out in composition and dynamics. During the rehearsals, the team used VR simulation to calibrate time and time again, and created characters with exquisite visual features which were very difficult to make.

Der Ring des Nibelungen, Valkyries Brynhild

The highlight is when heroic props, extravagant costumes, and magical engineering are unfolded and reassembled behind the curtain.

Bulareyaung Dance Company LUNA

It expresses the heartfelt feeling when the director heard the pasibutbut (eight-part polyphony) during residency. The focus lays on when performers are striding their own ways outwards from the stage and auditorium in all directions.

Hao Theater x Chen Hsi-Huang Traditional Puppet Troupe Time Slipping Through Fingers

It uses juxtaposing technique to express the relationship between the puppet master and the puppet. Different stories, colors, and traditional patterns are embedded in the puppet master’s memory, which have become magic both on and off stage.

South Korean pianist master Kun-woo Paik

The revolving day and night represent the pianist’s quarantine journey amid the pandemic. Beethoven’s silhouette is shown, juxtaposing with the Master’s appearance through the music notes.

It has received enthusiastic reviews since debut. Audiences enjoy the show while following the epidemic guidelines during visits and feel assured. It is a successful warm-up for art and cultural events in post-epidemic times.

Official Website: https://www.npac-ntt.org/program/events/c-RbEM7cyH5Pi Date: 9/1-11/28, closed on Mondays (NTT reserves the right to change the program. Please check the performance information on the official website before visits.) Time: 13:00-20:00 (runs every hour and half hour) Venue: 2nd floor foyer at NTT

Production Team Animation Director | Peter Huang
Executive Producer | Jing-Yi Ye
Project Management | Guan-Jin Chen, Jing-Yi Ye
Content Planner | Shi-Bin Li, Ya-Ting Judy Chan
Storyboard | Wang Po-Yu, Peter Huang, Kuan-Wen Liu
Graphic Design | Yi-Tzu Li, Tingan Chen, Bo-Jyun Jhan, Nien Chung
Character Animation | Shu-Ya Lu, Peter Huang, Bo-Jyun Jhan, Kuan-Wen Liu, Nien Chung
Set Design & Animation Integration | Shu-Ya Lu, Benson Chang, Ayuan Deep, Yo-Cheng Zheng, I-Chi Chen, Ching-Wen Lou
Program Design | Po-I Lu, Hsiao-Wu Chang
Technical Support | Wang Po-Yu, Chen Wei-Wen, Huang Sheng-Kun
Music Design and Production | Ka Kong
Music Co-Production | Ruei Lu
Projection Mapping | iF+
Projection System Co-Organizer| Project Media Co., Ltd.
Producer | National Taichung Theater
Artistic Collaboration | Ta Ya Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.
Special Thanks | Chen Hsi-Huang Traditional Puppet Troupe (Director Chen Hsi-Huang ), Hao Theater (Director Wu Shanshan), Bulareyaung Dance Company (Artistic Director & Choreographer Bularuiyang Pagelefa ), Pianist Kun-woo Paik

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