Cyborg Eros, a Periodic Production


In Anarchy Dance Theatre’s works, all kinds of possibilities are experimented between technology art and the body in order to speculate, simulate and outline futuristic body experiences.

iF+ was invited by Director Chieh-Hua Hsieh to be the technical team for Cyborg Eros. In addition to constructing AI algorithmic analysis and 3D dynamic vision, iF+ also conducted online communication on Gather Town as periodic presentation in August under the Level 2 and 3 epidemic alerts. On the O2O platform, audiences become bitmap characters moving around among different rehearsal rooms. The viewing distance and cameras are constantly changing. The viewer’s face can even be overlapped with the dancers’ as if co-starring in the show, creating a synergistic man-machine cyborg.

The process of the director and dancers co-creating the production expanded various imaginations and ways of communication. Cyborg dancers were like streamers interacting with the audience; and iF+’s engineers also explored body coordination. In fact, were the 13 computers that do synchronous computation the actual backstage staff!? The experimental performance will run till the end of the year, and then will be shown in another way online and offline in the future.

2021 Anarchy OPEN STUDIO Cyborg Eros, a periodic dance production Date: August 21st, Saturday Venue: online space Gather Town Organizer | Anarchy Dance Theatre Director | Chieh-Hua Hsieh Visual Design | Jun-De Liu Music Design | Nai-Chuan Cheng Dancer | Kuan-Jou Chou, Ming-Wen Shih, Li-Wei Tu Technical and Visual Design | iF+ Wang Po-Yu, Sheng-Kun Huang, Wei-Wen Chen, Li-Wei Chen Project Management | Guan-Jin Chen