2020 Taipei Fashion Week SS21


The Taipei Spring & Summer Fashion Week launch party was set with a backdrop of the future, and clothing was the medium connecting reality and imagination. Topics such as the body, humans, and machines of the future, etc. were analyzed, and concepts from 6 brands were woven together. The Multi-Showcase Exhibition Hall at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park became an immersive experimental black box theater where sound, light and interactive digital technology were showcased. The traditional stage boundary was broken, incorporating the performers, models, and audience all as a part of the show.

The show, with multiple story lines, is around 40 minutes long and focuses on the runner at the center of the stage, representing the perfect human being. The protagonist shows the energy between timeline and the terminal, leading human beings to break through borders and diverging the story into different scenes at every corner. iF+ was responsible for the theme design and interactive special effects of the show. Based on the setting structure, the visual experience was designed around technology, adding a futuristic vibe and interaction in the main video. A technique was used to combine video streaming with the sensation of speed from the runner. Meanwhile, special effects were created by detecting dancers’ movements and connecting it to the rhythm throughout the show.

During the permanent exhibition, the audience can transform into sky travelers where they can use cell phones to open the door of imagination towards the future. The show connects fashion, theater, and technology, springing up a multi-disciplinary thinking, reconstructing an unlimited imagination towards the future and unlocking a new world view.

2020 Taipei Fashion Week SS21 Digital Terminal Spring & Summer Fashion Launch

Exhibition | 2020/10/6-2020/10/10 Show | 10am-8pm daily Location | Multi-Showcase Exhibition Hall, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park