Discovery Technology Treasures- Transform the Future


Participated in overall exhibition curation and interactive design for Industrial Technology Research Institute "Technology Treasures - Future Archaeology". Through investigation and data collection, we form story from now into the future with technological context into different concept zone which included Unusual Sports and Future Competitions/Questions of Life Ratio and Sustainability/Mini Domino and Manufacturing Revolution/Perfect Incarnation and the True Meaning of Happiness/Calculation of Digital Life and Reality. People who attend the exhibition, whether is professional or general audience, can use Linebot as a tool to collect different technical information. There are also workshops hold by designers and R&D workers to let the audience have more interaction with them to experience their unknown aspects of technical development.

Story: Future technology department is currently recruiting people to become archaeologists to travel through time and space into the future. By understanding the information from the past, archaeologists can predict the future. You will be given a key to open the door into the future by making exploration and data collection. At the end, transmitting all your data in to the AI brain, the door to the future will be open.

Static Exhibit Speculate Exhibit / Lighting installation structure by using acrylic materials, demonstrate future technology can share our daily life.

Interactive Exhibit Key of Exploration / Moveable QR code power structure to be place at the entrance, audience can scan the the QR code to become archaeologists. Origins of Calculation / Large LED interaction installation, archaeologists can make communication here with the professionals regarding time flow. Yoshimitsu Kataba / Large LED interaction installation, it is design to emphasizing professional's personal characters and their story. We invite audience to understand how technology will affects the future. Future Speculation / Central Electric Tower of this exhibition, its structure combine with OLED, eye detection technology and AR. It is designed for archaeologists to view their realtime data collection. Field of Future / 2F Interaction installation, It is position with transparent screen design which can overlook the whole exhibition area by using augmented reality and eye movement detection technology. AI Brain / 2F Interaction installation, design with large mirror refraction. It presents the AI brain constantly computing the large data. Positive Echo of Energy / 2F Interaction installation, electric cooling chip is design under the swing's iron cushion, by swing back and forward, you can feel the temperature increase and decrease to symbolize the processional's development in technology.

Date : 13th-30th, August, 10:00-18:00